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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many Bartenders do I need?
A: The rule-of-thumb is 1 Bartender for every 75/100 guests. For parties longer than 4-5 hrs, with labor intensive cocktails (Mojitos, etc), or where the bar will be moved at some point we also recommend having more than 1 Bartender. 

Q: Do you have a Liquor License?

A: No local Bar Service does because there is no such thing as a Mobile Liquor License in Arizona so we cannot SELL alcohol (see below) but we can SERVE alcohol because we have Liquor Liability Insurance. We carry a $2M Liquor Liability policy, general liability, auto coverage and 500/500/500 Workers Comp. When we provide a Beverage Package part of your payment will be processed by our licensed liquor provider Cork & Bottle.
Q: Can we have a cash bar?
A: Short answer NO. In a nutshell if is implied that cash is being exchanged for drinks or that guests are buying tickets to exchange for drinks you must have a #15 Special Event LicenseUnless you are a charitable organization, civic organization, religious organization, or a political organization you will probably not be granted a special event license and therefore cannot operate a cash bar.  You will need to apply for a special event license from both the city that the event will be held in and from the state of Arizona. We can email you the license application.

Q: My favorite restaurant is catering my event and they have a liquor license at the restaurant so I am all set right?
A: Not necessarily! From the AZ Department of Liquor Licenses website: "A restaurant license permits the sale and service of alcoholic beverages for consumption only on the licensed premises" and does not apply to off-site events.

Q: Can we have bottles of wine/liquor on the tables or self-serve beer tubs?
A: No. Our insurance requires that only the Bartender pours the alcohol. Pouring it yourself at the table would nullify our insurance and put all the liability directly on the client/venue.
Q: What about Gratuity?
A: Gratuity is not included in our pricing but can be handled in several ways. We can use a discreet tip jar which is generally acceptable for weddings and festivals. We can add an amount to your invoice which is generally preferred for smaller gatherings and corporate events. You can opt to handle it in cash directly with your Bartender at the event. You just let us know whatever method you deem appropriate for your individual event.

Q: Have you ever run out of alcohol?
A: No. We bring plenty of supplies for an adult style cocktail party (no shots). Supplies are generous and we base our quantities on the several hundred successful events we do each year. Supplies are obviously not "endless" as your dollar amount only buys so much product, but we actually bring more supplies than you have paid for! That's why we keep the leftovers. On occasion we may run out of one brand of beer, but we have never run out of beer completely. Same with the hard alcohol. We also ask right up front if your group has a particular drink preference so we can stock a little extra of that selection.
Q: Why do your beverage packages not allow shots?
A: Most wedding venues do not allow shots anyway because they don't want to clean up the mess in the restrooms. Many brides request that we do not allow shots because they want to get their security deposit back. Over the years we have found that 99% of all problems (fights/arguments, vomiting, property damage, DUI, running out of booze) is attributed to the small handful of guests that want to do, and coerce others into doing, shots. This measure also helps ensure that liquor laws pertaining to the service of alcohol to intoxicated persons is followed and that we do not run low on supplies. Take our word for it 99% of the guests will not miss it.
Q: We have several underage guests and we would like them to be able to have a few cocktails with their parents permission this is OK right?
A: NO. It is illegal for an underage person to consume or possess alcohol. It is illegal to furnish an underage person with alcohol. Our Bartenders are required to follow all Arizona liquor laws. Next question.
Q: What insurance coverage do you have?
A: We carry a $2M Liquor Liability policy along with our general liability, auto coverage and 500/500/500 Workers Comp. Because our Bartenders are doing all the serving we can name you as the certificate holder. 
Q: I'm thinking about a portable bar why do I need one?
A: Portable bars are a nice touch. They look nice, lend an air of sophistication/professionalism, and increase the Bartenders efficiency. They also hold ice longer because they are insulated. The bars are mobile so you can alter they layout of your event from the cocktail hour to the reception for instance. They look nicer in photographs (weddings) instead of using a plastic table. The bars that we have available for just $99 (includes delivery) rent from other companies for $100 + $25 for a linen + tax + delivery (compare price here). If you get one of our beverage packages you get 1 bar rental included in the price!

Q: How much space does your portable bar require?
A: We will need roughly an 8' x 8' space. This includes space for a 6 ft table behind the bar which the client/venue should provide. The table provides valuable under-storage and is necessary when using glassware. The actual dimensions of the bar itself is 61" long x 30" wide.
Q: Why would I do a full service beverage package?
A: Convenience and Value. In addition to the free Portable Bar (see above) and a 20% discount on labor the packages also include cups, ice, garnishes, mixers, soft drinks. We shop from 5-6 different stores for our supplies. Most do-it-yourself clients tell us afterwards that it was actually a lot more work than they thought and that next time they are just going to pay us to bring everything.
Q: What about water for the guests?
A: Water for guests who are arriving early to help decorate or who arrive prior to the scheduled start of bar service needs to be arranged to be provided by the venue or the caterer or the host. We see it all the time that nobody thinks of this important provision! If it goes on the dinner table it needs to be provided by the food caterers. They handle the tables, we handle the bars.  Our beverage packages do include water so if clients want to order water from the Bartender we will have some, but we will not have enough to supply table service if the caterers forget to include it in their supplies. We always recommend having a self-service water/tea station set up as early as possible so guests have access to hydration prior to the event or wedding ceremony and throughout the event.

Q: I got a price quote but am not sure when I should put down a deposit or make final payment?
A: Its up to you. A price quote is NOT a contract and does NOT reserve anything. We sell out on many dates several months in advance especially during wedding season. Saturdays are the first to sell out every month. Every weekend in December will sell out each year. Holidays sell out. Our deposit is only $50 so we recommend reserving your date as far in advance as possible. Final payment is due 10 days prior so that we can place orders, arrange our delivery schedule, and staff our events for that day. Yours is not the only event that day, we do multiple events on the same date all over the state. First-come, first-serve.

Q: What area do you service?
A: We will go anywhere in the state depending on dates and delivery requests. Our free delivery area is anywhere within a 25 mile radius from Sky Harbor Airport.

Q: What about trash removal?
A: We are happy to take trash to any receptacle ONSITE. We cannot take trash OFF SITE with us. The client/venue needs to provide trashcan(s) for the bar as well. 

Q: What about a champagne toast for our wedding?
A: Great idea, although becoming very common to skip the champagne toast and have guests simply "raise their glass" of whatever beverage they are already enjoying. Usually the first thing cut out of a reception due to budget is the champagne toast. We can provide the champagne and plastic cups as part of our beverage package for an additional $1.99/guest or we can serve whatever you provide in whatever serving vessel you provide. Think about how/when/where you want the champagne to be poured. It is labor intensive and will take the Bartender away from their duties behind the bar and it takes multiple people to pour at the table. Check with your caterer to be sure they allow their staff to serve alcohol. Some do, so don't. Champagne is the one area where we allow (and need) someone other than our staff to pour alcohol. 
Q: Do you provide Kosher Wine?
A: As of now we don't provide kosher wines in our packages simply because we don't get enough demand and its often more expensive than what we normally offer. Also guests sometimes have very particular brand requests. We allow you to provide your own kosher wine and we will give you a $1/guest credit on any of our beverage packages. You would keep any leftover kosher wine that you provide for the event.

Q: What brand of wine do you provide with your packages?
A: As of fall 2012 we are pouring Brownstone Cabernet & Chardonnay. Feedback from our clients indicate they think this wine drinks like a wine in the $15-20/bottle category.  It's by far the best we have found in its price range and because we order it in bulk we can offer it in our packages while other companies use inferior brands.

Q: Do you have "Flair" Bartenders?
A: No I don't really have any flair-tenders on staff. They are not easy to come by in AZ as most of them work in Vegas for the big bucks. The truth is those guys flock from all over the world (tons of South Americans) to Vegas to compete in competitions for cash and titles, and they make $400-1000 per night working at places like Bally's. They aren't in Phoenix and they wouldn't be interested in doing weddings, corporate events, and the general type of stuff that we do. And 99.9% of our clients wouldn't be interested in paying the kind of money it would take to get them anyway.

Q: Can you provide glassware?
No. Glassware must come from a commercially inspected kitchen facility so it should be rented from either your caterer or from a party supply store. Our beverage packages come with high quality clear plastic cups. If you do one of our beverage packages and add the optional Champagne Toast we will  provide plastic cups for that as well. We are always happy to use whatever glassware is provided to us when we arrive at the site. 

Q: How much glassware should I rent?
Rule of thumb is 1.5 pieces of glassware per person for the first hour and 1 per person for each addition hour. For 100 guests 250 glasses are needed for a two hour party: 100 guest x 1.5 first hour = 150 glasses....100 guest x 1 second hour = 100 glasses.

Q: What employment opportunities are available with Hey Bartender! LLC?
A: Interested in joining our bar team? Email us your current resume, photo and a copy of your Title 4 Alcohol Certificate for consideration. We look at staffing needs twice a year usually around January and August prior to our busy Spring & Fall seasons. 
Q: What if we are having a keg?
A: If you are having keg beer we strongly suggest you get a package deal from your provider which includes the tap, round tubs, 14oz cups, and ice. It is also helpful to have a few plastic pitchers on hand as this will make service faster. We do not offer kegs in any of our alcohol packages so we do not have these items in our inventory nor available to rent. The keg can take quite awhile to cool down so it should have some ice on it as early as possible and not be left out in the sun. Otherwise it will take a disproportionate amount of the ice brought for the bar and may lead to supplies running low. 

Q: How many beers are in a keg? 
A: Keg Specifications for U.S. 1/2 Barrel (15.5 gallon Standard Keg):
165 (12 oz) servings which equals 6.8 cases
124 pint (16 oz) servings

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